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All of our windows and doors have a high level of security as standard, however, we can provide windows and doors with even higher levels due to being accredited by Secure by Design (SBD) 
We can bring windows up to SBD standards by enhancing their security fitting hinge protectors and/or laminated glass. Similarly doors can have their security enhanced by fitting a RASP cylinder protector kit and/or laminate glass. 
The Prime Secure Window. 
SecurityA – High strength steel mushrooms 
B – Central claw lock 
C – Locking hooks for hinge protection 
D – Die cast keep to retain reversing claws. Also provides night vent facility 
Available with Bevelled or Fully Sculptured Outer Frame 
The Prime Secure Door. 
SecurityA – 2 roller cams provide a reliable weatherproof seal 
B – Hook claws top and bottom operate in reverse directions for anti-lift 
C – Centre hook claw with smooth locking operation. Provides high level of security in the centre of door 
D – Adjustable steel 8mm diameter shootbolts as standard on slave and master door 
E – ‘RASP’ cylinder protector set 
F – Stainless steel one piece keeps combine with hook claws to provide highly secure locking and non corrosive long lasting performance 
Offered as both Single and Double Doors, Bright Chrome hinges shown are optional 
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